Precision Compact Linear Potentiometers and Transducers AMS

Precision Compact Linear Potentiometers and Transducers AMS

New to our range of Linear Potentiometers are analogue output versions for models AMS-13, AMS-15, and AMS-19. Using proven ‘conductive plastic’ technology, our sensors offer a range of features suitable for both harsh environments and clean room test applications. 

The technology effectively provides multiple redundancy during operation, high operating speeds up to 10m/s without ‘bouncing’ and a precise contact with the element which provides a near infinite resolution without backlash.  All of our Linear Potentiometers offer a standard linearity of less than 0.5% and the life expectancy is measured in millions of cycles.

The standard IP rating is IP65 however, IP54 and IP67 are available for each sensor type. This enables the sensors to be used in environments where water, coolants, even fuels are present, but without being continuously immersed.

Custom options for sensor design include an analogue dual outputs (redundancy), return spring, flange mount, specified retracted mounting distance, stroke length, and cable length




  • Rugged construction
  • Aluminium housing
  • Alloy spherical bearing housing
  • Stainless steel actuating rod
  • Seal pack options
  • IP54, IP65. IP67
  • Excellent linearity
  • Long life >25 million cycles
  • Heavy duty spherical bearings
  • Analogue Output
  • Potentiometric Output