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High Quality and High Performance Variable Area Flowmeters BGN & BGF

Tailor-made Instrumentation from Kobold

Inspired Measurement Technology for Small Volume Flow DTK from KOBOLD

KBL - Electronic Multi-channel Instrument Controller & Data Logger

Model HPC from Heinrichs (KOBOLD Group)

Precise, Quality Temperature Measurement from KOBOLD

A solution for highly accurate fuel consumption measurement thanks to temperature compensation with Kobold’s ZFC flow computer

Smart Pressure Transmitters from Kobold PAS & PAD - Reliable - Accurate - Versatile

Inspired measurement technology for small volume flow DTK

Introducing the compact flow switch KAL-D 

Introducing the TBE - Robust Process Thermometer

Protection Against Overfilling with the NSC

Optimum dosage with ZED-D

Introducing the DAF - Visual Mechanical Flow Indicator

Compact Vortex Flowmeter DVZ...C3

Fast Reliable Level Switching with the NEK

Variable Area Flowmeter VKP with independent mounting position

Introducing the DOT Turbine Wheel Flowmeter from KOBOLD

Automatic Flow Regulating Valve without a Power Supply Regulator REG

Stay Cool in Flow Monitoring with the KAL-L from KOBOLD


Radar Level Transmitter with Four Switch Point from KOBOLD HGR

New Industrial Temperature Probe from KOBOLD MMA

New Precise Radar Control - Model NRM

Vibration Resistant Instruments for Heavy Industry from KOBOLD

New - Ring Piston DRZ flow meters from KOBOLD

Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement from KOBOLD - Pipe Sizes:  DN 10 to DN 6000

Model HPC - The world's smallest 2-pipe Coriolis Flow Meter from Kobold - Heinrichs

Further Development of All Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

Introducing our NEW Electromagnetic flow meter, model EPS

Level Reading Made Easy with the NBK

Innovative Pressure Sensors from Kobold

Introducing New Battery Powered Digital Gauges from KOBOLD

Fuel Consumption in Diesel Engines

Oval Gear Flowmeters for High and Low Viscous Liquids

Presenting the 2018 Product Summary

Compact Oval Gear Flowmeters from KOBOLD

In-line Density Weighing System for Liquids in Pipes from KOBOLD

Flow Measurement of Critical Media from KOBOLD

Introducing the KBL Multi-Channel Colour TFT Meter - Controller - Data Logger

New Products from KOBOLD

Electronic Digital Pressure Transmitter with Dual Switched Outputs

Volume Counting for Smart Savers from KOBOLD

Accurate Flow Measurement of Aggressive or Highly Corrosive Liquids from KOBOLD

Season's Greetings from KOBOLD

Offering the TMR Coriolis Mass Flow Meter - Highly Accurate and Virtually Maintenance Free

Introducing the TM Coriolis Mass Flowmeter for Difficult Processes from KOBOLD

Reliable and cost-effective diaphragm differential pressure gauges from KOBOLD

Introducing the New Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter, all stainless steel with flexible mounting orientations

Introducing the "ECONOMY" Coriolis Mass Flow Meter range from KOBOLD

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement from KOBOLD

New Electronic Pressure Instrument from KOBOLD

ATEX Certified Instrumentation for the BIOGAS and GAS Industry from KOBOLD

Introducing NEW product NRM from KOBOLD

Monitoring of Flow with Kobold type SMV instruments

Introducing the NEW KBL Multi-Channel Colour TFT Meter - Controller - Data Logger from KOBOLD

Easy Fit Conductivity Level Switches from Kobold

Introducing New Battery Powered Digital Gauges from KOBOLD

Fuel Comsumption Measurement with Oval Gear Wheel Flowmeters from KOBOLD

Chemical Injection with Oval Gear Wheel Flowmeters from KOBOLD

Oval Gear Wheel Flowmeters from KOBOLD

About KOBOLD Instruments - Video

A snapshot of Industrial Instrument Products from KOBOLD

Plastic Flow Meters from KOBOLD for Liquids and Gases Quality – Reliable - Economical

Float Type Magnetic Level Switches from KOBOLD

From KOBOLD - ATEX Instruments for the Ex-Zone

KOBOLD - Delivering Instrumentation for the Biogas Industry

From KOBOLD - Discover our extensive range of products

From KOBOLD - High Quality Industrial Gauges

From KOBOLD - Introducing our DMH and EPX Electromagnetic Flow Meters

From KOBOLD - Liquid Level Metering with Capacitive Technology

From KOBOLD - Precise Filter Monitoring

From KOBOLD - Quality Hand-held Measuring Instruments

From KOBOLD - Rotating Vane Flowmeter

Fuel Consumption Measurement with Oval Gear Wheel Flowmeters from KOBOLD

Instruments for Flow Monitoring from KOBOLD

Introducing the all-new KBL Multi-Channel Colour TFT Meter - Controller - Data Logger from KOBOLD

Introducing the MAN-SD Battery Operated, Digital Manometer from KOBOLD

KOBOLD - Robust Viscosity Compensating Flow Meters and Accessories

Introducing the Oval Wheel Flowmeter DON from KOBOLD

Introducing the PIT Electromagnetic Insertion Flowmeter from Heinrichs

Bitumen measurement under difficult conditions

Variable Flow Meter Solution for Large Pipe Diameters

Precision Compact Linear Potentiometers and Transducers with the AMS from KOBOLD

Accurate, Clearly Visible Level Measurement with the NBK from KOBOLD

Introducing the New Wafer Style Vortex Flowmeter

Robust Pressure Products

Accurate Level Measurement

Optimize monitoring of your bulk materials

Safeguard your Process Level Control

Precision Pressure Measurement