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Oscillation flow meter DOG-6 from KOBOLD Messring: Perfect for dry and moist gases

We are pleased to announce the launch the development of the DOG-6 oscillation flowmeter providing the capability to measure moist gases alongside the DOG-4 for dry gas measurement.

Due to a special device design, it offers clear advantages over the previous model DOG-4, especially when used with damp media, for example with natural condensate drainage. Thanks to its robust sensor, it is ideally suited for such applications. The DOG-6 is also equipped with an optional shut-off valve, calibration software and a flow computer. Depending on customer requirements, the DOG-6, for which there is of course an individual calibration protocol for each device, can be manufactured as an individual custom-made product. Its areas of application are extremely extensive because it is suitable for dry gases and mixed gases as well as for gas mixtures and moist gases. . Click here to find out more


Introducing the HPC Coriolis Flowmeter from Heinrichs

Pressure Kit

With High Performance HPC Coriolis Flowmeter is innovative offering high accuracy with revolutionary dual bent measuring tube design. Primarily designed for low flow applications where high accuracy performance is required, the HPC Coriolis flowmeter covers three basic measuring ranges: 0-20kg/h, 0-50kg/h, and 0-160 kg/h. Volume flow rates can also be calculated via the transmitter.. Click here to find out more


Pressure KitIntroducing the NEW Digital Pressure Test Kit from KOBOLD

The Kobold pressure kit is designed with durability and quality in mind. On first impression, you will notice the quality of the carry case. Upon opening the case, the attention to detail is noticeable with precision foam cut-outs for the pressure fittings and microbore test hose. Click here to find out more


ALPQuality and Simplicity with Compact Surface Mount Loop Powered Intelligent Display Process indicator ALP from Kobold

Introducing the ALP, a high-quality surface mount, loop powered process indicator with a volt-free changeover relay for switched output applications, and a datalogging function. The indicator is powered via the process instrument’s loop current (4-20mA), providing a powerful display interface which also includes a selectable alert LED indication, triggered from the relay contact, as well as advanced messaging, allowing the user to display custom messages for pre-set input ranges or alarm activity. The relay can be turned off if required. . Click here to find out more

KBLIntroducing the Multi-Channel Datalogger KBL from KOBOLD

We are pleased to introduce the Multi-Channel Datalogger KBL series. Offering advanced meters, controllers and recorders in one compact case. Suitable for both advanced and less demanding applications in industrial automatic control engineering. Click here to find out more

AMSIntroducing the Precision Compact Linear Potentiometers and Transducers AMS

New to our range of Linear Potentiometers are analogue output versions for models AMS-13, AMS-15, and AMS-19. Using proven ‘conductive plastic’ technology, our sensors offer a range of features suitable for both harsh environments and clean room test applications. Click here to find out more

REGSmart mechanical flow control from Kobold Instruments.

One of the main benefits of Kobold’s REG flow restrictors is that they provide precise mechanical flow control and conditioning, so operate without any electrical power supply. They also maintain the constant flow rate of fluids with great accuracy (± 0.2 L/min) regardless of fluctuating inlet pressure. By using an impressively simple but unique principle, combined with precision engineered components the REG delivers quality and reliability ensuring lifelong and maintenance-free use. Click here to find out more

TMU-W-004The World’s first! Certified to international standards for hydrogen filling stations.

Introducing the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for hydrogen - TMU-W-004. in contrast to fuelling with conventional fuels, filling hydrogen-powered vehicles involve considerable pressure and temperature fluctuations. Our new TMU-W 004 was specially designed for handling hydrogen. Worldwide, this flowmeter is the first one of its kind with certification according to OIML R 139 2018. Click here to find out more

MAN-SC/LCMAN SC/LC - New pressure instrument release from Kobold

We are delighted to confirm the release the latest versions of our popular electronic digital pressure gauge; model MAN-SC for battery powered, and model MAN-LC for 24Vdc power with IO-link. Click here to find out more


MIMMIM - New Electromagnetic Flow Meter from Kobold

As a leading instrument manufacturer we continue to design and develop quality measuring and analytical instrument products and have just launched their latest compact flow meter to the market, the MIM. With factories within the Kobold Group experiencing well over one hundred years of trading, Kobold has an enviable and extensive wealth of technical knowledge and experience to draw upon when developing new products. Click here to find out more


Heinrichs Messtechnik GmbH – manufacturing quality process instruments since 1911.

You may be surprised to learn that Heinrichs is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kobold Group.  The Heinrichs brand maintains its strength and reputation as one of the most innovative producers of quality flow instruments. 

To demonstrate the strengths of Heinrichs instrument products and technologies, over the course of the next few months Kobold Instruments Ltd will be actively promoting the Heinrichs brand with Newsletters and other promotional marketing.   The latest newsletters are listed below:

Highly Accurate Flow Measurement for Critical Media from Heinrichs

Variable Flow Solution for Large Pipe Diameters from Heinrichs

Delivering Accuracy and Long Term Stability with Flowmeters from Heinrichs   .