Coriolis mass flowmeter for hydrogen,TMU-W 004

The World’s first - certified to international standards for hydrogen filling stations.

In contrast to fuelling with conventional fuels, filling hydrogen-powered vehicles involve considerable pressure and temperature fluctuations. Our new TMU-W 004 was specially designed for handling hydrogen. Worldwide, this flowmeter is the first one of its kind with certification according to OIML R 139 2018.

Hydrogen as an energy source is seen as one of the pillars of future climate-friendly mobility in Europe. During the course of necessary infrastructure expansion, a sufficient number of hydrogen filling stations will be required. Thanks to its compact design, the TMU-W can be installed directly in the latest generation of these filling stations.

To ensure an economical utilisation, filling of vehicles with hydrogen needs high pressure of 700 bar. Such high-pressure environment combined with the small size of hydrogen molecules was a particular challenge to our engineers, aiming to develop a device that on the one hand ensures safe operation and on the other hand, enables precise flow monitoring as the basis for correct billing of filled tanks.

As an outcome, our latest development has not only been able to meet the specifications of OIML R 139 2018 approval, remarkably we even exceeded the specification with an accuracy class of 1.5 for hydrogen.

Product Highlights
✔ Resistant for high-pressure applications up to 1,000 bar
✔ Compact, dimensionally stable housing (e.g. to be used in slim dispensers)
✔ Extremely high long-term and zero-point stability
✔ Outstanding measurement accuracy.

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On the road to climate-friendlier mobility

  • Hydrogen measurement with precision
  • Compact and innovative design
  • Pressure resistant up to 1000 BAR
  • Measuring range 4 kg/min H2
  • 2 current output signals 4-20mA
  • Pulse / frequency output
  • Certificates: - OIML R139 Evaluation, ATEX type approval, IECEx type approval, KCS approved (S. Korea), NEPSI approved (China)