Highly accurate steam flow measurement with Vortex flowmeter DVH from Heinrichs

Highly accurate steam flow measurement with Vortex flowmeter DVH from Heinrichs

Steam is one of the most commonly used media in the process industry. It is used to heat tanks, pipes or for cleaning and sterilising purposes in various industries.

Firstly, steam must be generated. The generation of steam is extremely energy-intensive and expensive. It is important to accurately measure the amount of steam required. The more accurate the measurement, the more energy-efficient and economically the steam can be generated.


Vortex flowmeters DVE/DVH from Heinrichs are highly accurate and offer tailored-made solutions specifically designed for each steam application. Devices can be supplied with an integrated pressure and temperature measurement. The “Energy Monitoring” option which incorporates an additional external temperature sensor, makes energy consumption measurement possible. With up to 3 analogue outputs and 3 alarm outputs, pulse output, and MODBUS interface, these devices offer a vast communication spectrum for the users. A fully welded sensor design without seals also ensures stability and long-life cycle. In-line devices cover pipes up to DN 200 (8"). For bigger sizes an insertion type variant, for up to DN 600 (24") is available.

Example based on a differential Pressure transmitter

A complete measuring system comprises of:

  • Differential pressure transmitter PAD
  • Flat bracket for pipe mounting ZUB-PAD/PAS-L
  • 5-way Block valve as accessory PAD
  • Orifice flange including orifice plate KPL
  • Steam condensate chambers as accessory KPL
  • Flow conditioner as accessory KPL
  • Shut-off valve as accessory KPL
  • Separator as accessory KPL

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