Air Sparge Systems for Groundwater Remediation using the KSM Variable Area Flowmeter (plastic)

Air sparging involves drilling multiple wells into a contaminated ground
water pocket. Fresh air is forced into the groundwater in order to ‘bubble’ contaminants into a vapour pocket above the water. The contaminated air is pulled out of the pocket and can then be treated. The sparge runs continuously until the ground water is free of contaminants. Each sparge field uses anywhere from 100-150 meters.

The customer needed an inexpensive flowmeter to install in an air sparge field containing 120 individual wells. It was requested that the meter would be able to ensure sufficient air flow into the well.

We were able to recommend and install the KSM 'all plastic' flowmeter. We were able to quickly ship some pieces for a test and the balance direct to site. The KSM has proved an excellent choice and continues to minimise corrosion and reduce costs.

The KSM Variable Area Flowmeter plastic is a safe and economical solution for ground water remediation monitoring!

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