Compact Vortex Flowmeter DVZ from KOBOLD

The cost-effective flowmeter from the DVZ series are especially compact and can thus be ideally integrated into any application for low-viscosity liquids. They impress in numerous series applications due to their reliability and response time.

The devices function without any mechanically moving parts and are therefore practically maintenance-free and have considerable advantages over devices based on the variable area or impeller principle. Unlike calorimetric flow measurement, its measuring principle works irrespective of the temperature and without time delay and can thus be used in time-critical applications as well.

Flow measurement without moving parts

The Vortex flowmeter does not require any moving parts in order to measure. A Karman vortex street is installed inside it. A sharp-edged object is integrated into the flow channel as an obstruction for this purpose. Vortices form at the generator and are then shed from the obstruction due to the medium flowing past. The shedding frequency is directly proportional to the flow speed and amount. The measurement process is suitable for practically all liquids with a viscosity similar to water - irrespective of the pressure, temperature, density and electrical conductivity of the medium.

The right system for any sector

On the one hand, due to its specific operating principle, the flowmeter is especially suitable for measuring aggressive, corrosive or saline solutions. On the other hand it can also be used for ultrapure media without any problem. The DVZ series covers measuring ranges up to 100 l/min with its different versions. The devices can optionally be equipped with a fixed or rotatable connection. Depending on the version, a switch output (1 A/30 VDC), a frequency output (open collector, PNP) or an analogue output (4-20mA) are also available. In addition, a programmable compact electronics system is available that includes a digital display, a switch output and an analogue output.

The cost-effective flowmeters are ideally suited even for OEM applications because almost any customer request can be met thanks to its modular structure. Typical application areas are coolant monitoring of lasers, welding robots or induction heating systems.