KOBOLD Instruments for Biogas Flow Measurement

KOBOLD Instruments for Biogas Flow Measurement

Kobold Instruments are successfully providing a range of instruments to the biogas industry. In particular, our DOG-4 oscillation flow meters are proving ideal for this market place, with no moving parts this instrument is extremely resistant to dirt due to the constant changes of flow direction in the flow channels it creates a self-cleaning effect.

With our high accuracy, low pressure PAD and PAS pressure transmitters, as well as our Pt100 and high temperature thermocouple temperature sensor/instruments, at Kobold we offer quality instrument products for the key aspect of Biogas measurement and monitoring.

Due to the scarcity of fossil fuels, climate change caused environment issues and increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, the advantages of biogas utilization are obvious; the energy source is obtainable everywhere and environmentally friendly. Many industries such as the palm oil industry for example, have already discovered the economic advantages of running their own biogas plant.

An efficient production of biogas from the existing raw materials is always essential for the plant profitability. The measurement of the total amount of biogas is the easiest way for this to be monitored. 

This however can be tricky due to low operating pressures which can be as low as 100 mbar, while on the other hand you have to consider that biogas is a dirty, humid gas and has the potential to corrode the metal part of the flow meter. In addition, biogas is highly flammable so hazardous area certification is a must.

As with any other gas, biogas is compressible, which means that its density varies greatly when there is a change in operational pressure and/or operational temperature? Therefore the operational pressure and temperature must be evaluated to ensure an accurate flow measurement.