Precise measurement of water with DUK Ultrasonic Flowmeter


Cooling applications for Radio Frequency and Semiconductor Components require water based coolants to be circulated from a chiller through the process. These coolants require monitoring with precise measurement and control to maintain 'round the clock' operation. During the process the pH and conductivity of the coolant changes. To maintain this balance of pH and TDS, the coolant  must pass through the main treatment plant. Introducing accurate monitoring and precise measurement ensures the costly cooling water can continue to be re-circulated.

KOBOLD was set the challenge to provide instrumentation to effectively distribute the coolant from the main chiller at 16 bar pressure, at required flow rates for the supply and return lines. To achieve this goal, KOBOLD designed a system, fabricated in stainless steel grade 316 using local and remote indication instruments for temperature, pressure and flow.

The process instruments needed to be installed on individual branches with remote transmission output for precise control by SCADA, all at a remote location. The solution should provide minimum pressure drop, within a restricted space and the complexity of zero leakage in the system.

The solution

Our team of specialist engineers were able to offer the following range of  process instruments which satisfied all of the customer's requirements by delivering; high accuracy, compact size, local LED indication, flexible mounting and nominal pressure drop.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter - DUK

Kobold’s model DUK ultrasonic flow meters were selected for different line sizes because of their high accuracy for measurement, compact size, and possibility of mounting in any direction. Tri-clamp coupling were also used in order to accomplish quick and easy maintenance. Manual pre-setting valves and ball valves were incorporated for fine regulation and control.


Temperature Indicator - TDA


Kobold’s model TDA temperature indicator / transmitters were installed without thermo-wells, using a very small insertion length on the pipe lines. These Temperature Indicators were also installed within individual return lines to monitor and transmit the actual value to a remote location for recording and monitoring purposes.


Pressure Indicator - PDA

Kobold’s model PDA pressure indicator / transmitters were used to measure the exact pressure in the chilling lines, delivering high precision and accurate measurement.