Chemical injection in oil rigs, sub-sea drilling or fracking


High-pressure processes for chemical injection systems, such as oil drilling rigs or offshore platforms are a challenge for any flow measurement system.

Chemicals added by injection through a bore pipe at high pressure directly at the wellhead increase water viscosity and enable efficient detachment of oil from the reservoir rock making transport easier. In order to control the process, the injected chemicals must be measured accurately.

Conventional volumetric systems such as gear flowmeters or turbine flowmeters are unsuitable for use in all media due to changing liquid properties and differences in density and viscosity. The results are unreliable and can produce inaccurate results.


High Pressure Coriolis Flowmeters from Heinrichs Messtechnik

  • Highly accurate even with large differences in density and viscosity of the media
  • Extremely reliable with no moving parts
  • Small measuring range versions available

For more than 15 years, Heinrichs Messtechnik have been offering solutions in high-pressure Coriolis for customers worldwide. Our extensive experience in Coriolis Flowmeters with special measuring loops, combined with alternative materials  and heat treatment methods deliver accurate results at operating pressures of up to 1500 bar, with extremely low flow rates from 1kg/h.

High Pressure Coriolis Flowmeters from Heinrichs Messtechnik offer a reliable solution for high-pressure processes.