Cone Crusher Lubrication Monitoring with the OVZ flowmeter from Kobold

Cone Crusher Lubrication Monitoring


Mobile cone crushers are used to turn raw materials such as rocks, minerals, ores, reclaimed glass and ceramic into graded usable products. They are versatile and convenient, producing the materials needed for construction at the place where they are needed. This saves time by cutting down on transport costs on large civil, mining and recycling projects. The rocks are fed into a fixed cone which has a rotating eccentric cone inside it. By varying the gap between the cones, the size of product produced can be controlled. At the heart of a mobile cone crusher is the bearing assembly. This is subject to massive pressures, and vibrations, especially where the machines are used in harsh climatic conditions, day in day out.

The bearing assembly is very expensive, is often time consuming to replace and subject to a long delivery time. Correct lubrication of the bearing assembly is therefore paramount to avoid costly downtime. To maintain the bearing assembly a dependable means of monitoring the oil supply is required. It should continue to work in temperature extremes, and must be as rugged and as reliable as the rest of the machine.

The OVZ flow monitor from Kobold ticks all the boxes. It's robust durable aluminium body with PMMA cover acts as a sight glass. This allows engineers to see, at a glance, all is well with the precious oil flow. The OVZ positive displacement technology means it is viscosity compensated when subjected to temperature extremes. The electronics have been epoxy encapsulated for full protection from ingress or vibration. Offering in a wide voltage supply range, DC-DC convertor with interference filter, to ensure an accurate output signal is produced for optimal lubrication control.

The OVZ offers great value insurance and accurate, reliable performance; whether used in Australia or Alaska!

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