High Viscosity Chemical Measurement for Car Seat Production with the Oval Gear Flowmeter, DON

Oval Gear Flow Meters for (Almost) Every Need

Oval Wheel Flow Meters Model DON are versatile and economical flow meters, which fulfill almost every need in liquid flow metering. Whether it is about precise control of additives amount into a mixing tank in each batch or simply about transferring diesel fuel from delivery truck into your storage tank, an oval wheel flow meter is there to provide you accurate readings.

DON is designed to measure clean liquids, whereas viscosity value can be as high as 1000000 cP, while variation of density does not affect the measurement, nor does the liquid conductivity. Furthermore, this kind of flow meter doesn't require any inlet/ outlet runs. Consequently, it needs a smaller installation space compared with other flow meters.

You may have a completely mechanical flow meter, or else a variation of LCD Indicators and / or output signal transmitters.

Below is one application which is served by Kobold's DON Oval Wheel Flow Meters.

The fluids to be measured are a variety of polyols, high viscosity chemicals used for car-seat production. There are different types of polyol flowing inside the flow meter in each batch. With the variation of fluid viscosity, which may reach 5000 cP at maximum, it is not easy even for coriolis mass flow meters to compete with the oval wheel ones.

Several DON with Stainless Steel housings are needed, serving the production line 24 hours a day. Customers select flow meters with LCD display showing both flow rate and total flow. The 4 – 20 mA analogue output is connected to a separate PLC.


Glenn Marriott