Cooling monitoring for Casting Machines with DF Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor

Task: Provide a proportional electrical output with visual indication of flow

We were invited to review the process of cooling water monitoring on casting machines with 96 channels. These casting machines are in use, producing engine and steering parts, and are installed all over the world; Turkey, Germany, China, USA, Outer Mongolia, and Korea.

The machines were monitoring cooling water by using a turbine flow sensor and separate flow indicator. The customer requested a change following dirty water clogging in the orifice of the turbine sensors.

KOBOLD were able to offer an alternative solution with the DF series; an analogue output containing a clear paddlewheel cover. The DF Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor has the ability to easily pass suspended solids and does not clog with the added benefit of a sight gauge. The DF has delivered excellent results for the casting manufacturer.

The DF sensor was able to eliminate the need for both the turbine sensor and flow indicator. The DF continues to work well and has now become a standard installation for the customer. Industry agrees; this casting method used and the DF sensor in the process is now considered the best and most productive casting system available.