Reliable Temperature Measurement of Bitumen in Harsh Conditions

Reliable Temperature Measurement of Bitumen in Harsh Conditions

Our team was set the challenge to deliver the exact temperature measurement of heat-tracing in Bitumen. The meters needed to be robust and the temperature measurement stable, without affecting the accuracy of the custody transfer devices.


Coriolis Mass Flowmeters from Heinrichs

  • Precise measurements, even with high temperature fluctuations
  • Durable due to the dense wall thicknesses of the measuring tubes
  • Variable, stable tracing systems for various heating
  • Up to DN 400 / 16" for media temperatures up to 260 °C
  • Versions available for custody transfer operation
  • Easy to maintain due to the open design of the device
  • Ability to retrofit

The robust construction of our Coriolis devices is ideal for mobile plants or machinery, such as a "HOT-RECYCLER", This machine removes the tarmac and re-applies it with the addition of asphalt and bitumen. The hot recycling method is used solely for restoring damaged asphalt surfaces. It processes the existing road surface and improves it with a new mix.