Optimum Gas Monitoring with the KOBOLD's UTS type variable area flow meters

Gas Burner Monitoring KOBOLD's UTS type variable area flow meters

Lighting machine manufacturers generally require a programme of maintenance on their production lines. This maintenance requires shutting down and dismantling the production lines. All failures need to be fixed, broken or worn parts replaced, burners and valves refurbished and the production lines reassembled. It is only after such maintenance, that the production of rejected goods may restart.

Each production phase of the renewed line requires synchronisation. Each burner must be reset at the right temperature and the entire production process must be continually adjusted to manufacture the best quality products. This requires not only precision but consumes a lot of time and can lead to rejected goods. The time consumed and the wasted goods cost money, increase the product costs and
result in competitive disadvantage in the marketplace.

To save time and money the production lines can be equipped with KOBOLD's UTS type variable area flow meters. One UTS device can be fitted into each gas circuit for gas burner control. The compact UTS is designed to be retrofitting into machines without major modification even with 10-20 flow meters.

When production line produces a perfect product, the displayed values of the instruments are recorded. This provides an accurate measurement for resetting the lines and burners during maintenance.

With the UTS, it takes only a few seconds to set each burner. Benefits offered are continuous production in a shorter downtime delivering higher quality finished products, first time.

With using the UTS, the total investment is returned after only a few maintenance cycles.